Bowling Green, KY

After a nice sunny 500+ mile day on dry roads we ended up in the Bowling Green, KY KOA.  The temperature was 40 degrees warmer here then the -10 degrees this morning at home.   There is still a little  snow on the ground, but we’re hoping to see no more after tommorrow’s run.  We’ll post some pic’s once we can show some without the snow.


Watson, MI

The time has come for Nancy & I to take off for warmer weather again.  We’ve been home from our previous fabulous trip for 5 weeks now.  5 weeks of snow, cold, and little sun. While the time home flew by, the cold winter weather is starting to get the best of us.  The only way we’ve been able to get around through our woods has been on snowshoes or cross-country skis. Time to put those away for a while and switch to bikes and fishing poles.

Winter view from living room

Our plan was to take off this morning, but the weather has put a one day damper on things.  Light snow showers went through the area overnight leaving the roads covered with a light coating of snow.  Tomorrow’s weather forecast is for cold, sub-zero lows, but dry all the way to our first stop, just South of Louisville, KY.  From there we’ll continue South till we hit 70 degrees.  We’ll try to keep the blog updated daily for those that enjoy keeping up with our journey.  Feel free to post a comment, we enjoy hearing from you.