Ajo, AZ

Ajo, AZ 12-03-14 01-01

   Campground entrance

Ajo, AZ 12-03-14 01-1

Landscaped area in the campground

Today we decided we like the campground and town so well that we decided to stay put for a while.  We reserved our spot for a month, since that cost about the same as 2 weeks rent. The campground is beautifully landscaped and the facility is spotless.   Brother Piet and Julie are expected to meet up with us here in the next few days.

There are lots of things to check out in the area.  Today we went to the huge copper mine.  Until 1984, when it closed,  the mine was the main employer in the area employing over 3000 people.  Since then, tourism, and border patrols are the main sources of employment here.  Avg. family income $27,000 with over 25% unemployment.  Some real home deals available!

Ajo, AZ 12-03-14 01

   Old copper mine pit today

Ajo, AZ 12-03-14 03

Old mission church by the mine – museum today


3 thoughts on “Ajo, AZ

    • Rain is quite refreshing, forgot how nice it is to hear it come down. Pretty warm storm, I don’t think the Sierra’s are getting any snow. Maybe next one will be colder.


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