Goose Island State Park, Rockport, TX

Lat/Lon: 28* 8′ 6.08″N, 96* 59′ 13.10″W

Saturday, after almost a week at port Aransas, camping along the beach we moved some 30 miles along the coast to the Goose Island State Park.  The 200 + sites were almost all filled up.

Goose Island State Park, Rockport, TX 002
fishing along the state park shoreline

We did get a nice spot that was well sheltered from the wind.  Piet & Julie came up on Sunday and we ended up with 2 spots next to each other.

Goose Island State Park, Rockport, TX 001

Our sites among the Southern Live Oak Trees

Yesterday’s weather was wet and cold, but today turned out to be a nice sunny day and we managed to get a fair amount of biking in today.  We ended up checking out a more then 1000 year old oak tree near the park.

Goose Island State Park, Rockport, TX 005
the old oak tree
Goose Island State Park, Rockport, TX 006

close up of the trunk

These oak trees are numerous around here and the park is filled with them.  They are nothing like the oak trees we’re used to, but are Southern Live Oak trees, an evergreen tree.

The plan is to for us to move on tomorrow.  Piet & Julie will head South and we’ll be heading East to Brazo Bend State Park, West of Houston.  This will probably our final stop in the fine state of Texas.  Goose Island State Park, Rockport, TX 004


Padre Island National Seashore, Texas

Padre Island 03

Today we went to the Padre Island National Seashore.  The beautiful and quiet park protects 70 miles of the barrier islands that run along the Gulf Coast and protect the inland area.  The big difference between this and Mustang Island, where Port Aransas is located is the lack of development. A nice change.

Port Aransas 06
One of the many ships gliding by the park on the way to the Port of Corpus Christi

We continue to enjoy our stay at the park on the beach at Port Aransas, but we’re getting anxious and plan on moving to Goose Island State Park tomorrow.  The park is some 30 miles North of here and offers sites that are a little more private and protected from the winds.  We checked out the park yesterday, taking the ferry to get there.  While on the ferry we watched a dozen or so dolphins frolicking in the water next to the ferry.  Pretty cool.

Padre Island 02

beach at Padre Island

Padre Island 06

Port Aransas, TX

Lat/Lon: 27 49′ 53.31″N, 97* 3′ 5.45W
Port Aransas 04

our spot along the coast

 Our winter trip plans were to travel with our RV trailer to Oregon from Michigan and from there go South along the West Coast. From there travel thru Arizona and New Mexico along the Mexican border to the Texas Gulf Coast, before thinking about making it back to Michigan some time in January.
Port Aransas 03

Gulf of Mexico

Today after traveling for 2 – 3 hours thru the Texas oil country we made it to the Gulf of Mexico.  We found a nice County Park in Port Aransas, TX, South of Corpus Christi, right by the beach.  We’ll probably stay put for a week or so and check out the area.  The weather started out cloudy, but fairly warm (75F), and shortly after we got settled the sun came out.  Piet & Julie are also expected to meet up with us by the weekend after spending X-mass with their oldest son & family. in Dallas, TX.
Port Aransas 02

Pt. Aransas city park – check out the X-mass tree by the flag pole. It doesn’t seem like X-mass with the weather this warm

Port Aransas 01

fishing pier at the park

Choke Canyon State Park, TX

Lat/Lon: 28* 29′ 23.05″N, 98* 20′ 38.78″W

Today’s ride was about 100 miles longer than anticipated.  The plan was to stay in Castroville, TX, but when we got there the campground was full.  The site didn’t have much appeal anyways, and the extra miles today will make the rest of our trip to the coast that much shorter.  We decided to move on and ended up in a nice state park next to the Choke Canyon Reservoir.  The park is located between San Antonio and Corpus Christi.  The reservoir provides drinking water for the city of Corpus Christi and is a popular fishing spot.  When we arrived a the spot three deer were there waiting for us

Chole Canyon, TX 02_edited-1

View from the trailer

Chole Canyon, TX 01_edited-1

deer at the site

Tomorrow’s plan is to reach the Gulf Coast by the San Padre Islands.

Amistad National Recreation Area, TX

Lat/Lon: 29* 28′ 3.24″N, 100* 57′ 11.88″W

Today started out a little frosty (24)  and our water line to the trailer was frozen.  Part of camping at the higher elevations.  We drove 4 -5 hours along quiet West Texas back roads we ended up in Amistad NRA, near Del Rio, TX, along the Rio Grande River and the Mexican border.  The popular recreation area was created in 1969 with the completion of the Amistad Dam (Amistad = Friendship in Spanish) along the border.  The area has about 6 – 8 camping areas, most w/o hook-ups.  But for $2.-/night what do you expect.  We picked one of the quieter ones, where the dog can freely roam and do his thing.  No pick up today Joe!

Amistad, TX 02

Shot of the Pecos River

Amistad, TX

Pecos River emptying in the Rio Grande


Davis Mountain State Park, Ft. Davis, TX

Lat/Lon: 30* 35′ 44.75″N, 103* 55′ 22.34″W

A short 80 miles from Van Horn, TX, along quiet secondary roads got us to Ft. Davis, TX.  At 5,000′ Ft. Davis is the highest town in the state.  The old fort is a National Historic Site.

Fort Davis, TX 07

View of the enlisted men’s quarters

Fort Davis, TX 06

About 2 -3 miles from town is the Davis Mountain State Park where we are staying.  The place is beautiful, located in the Davis Mountains of West Texas.  This park more than made up for last night’s site, quiet, full hook-ups and gorgeous surroundings.  Build in the 1930’s by the CCC with trails running up through the mountains with spectacular views.

Fort Davis, TX 03

another view from the State Park

Fort Davis, TX 04

looking down at our campsite