Lake Ogallala, NE

LAT/LON: 41* 13′ 28.83N, 101* 39′ 43.49″

Last night at our campsite in Louisville we were impressed by the number of freight trains going by the park.  In the morning as we left we noticed a billboard bragging about the tracks carrying 10,000 railcars a day.  We didn’t think it to be an exaggeration.

The weather is holding out great!  Sunny and 60, not bad for November.  The only weather challenge today was 30 – 40 MPH head winds all day. The truck and trailer handled it well but it sure made the old truck thirsty.  Good thing gas prices are down.

Lake Ogallala, NE 01

Lake Ogallala, NE – Pic taken from the top of the dam

We ended up in Lake Ogallala in Keith County, Nebraska after a 300 mile trip today.  The lake is at the bottom of the 3 mile 120′ dam that was built across the Platte river in the late 1930’s creating Lake McConaughy.  Again, we were the only one in the campground.

Lake Ogallala, NE 02

Our campsite next to the lake & out of the wind – no trains!


7 thoughts on “Lake Ogallala, NE

  1. Watching the news, the dreaded Polar Vortex, not sure what that is, but it is going to dump some snow on Michigan next week, so keep heading west. Found a place to park your trailer while your here, life is good. Are you still arriving on the 23rd?


    • The dreaded ‘Polar Vortex’ is a new term for s–t winter weather of old. Going thru the mountains in WY this morning we see just enough of the white stuff to encourage us to keep going West. Everything is going smooth so far and we should be in San Clemente State Beach on the 23rd. Both of us, while enjoying ourselves on the way are looking forward to our stay by you.


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